Migrate pipx packages to new Python version


    Migrates all PyPI packages installed using pipx to a new version of Python.

    Who is it for?

    Users of Python software installed via pipx.


    • python3.n (n = new, whichever version you want to migrate to)
    • Corresponding python-pip version (or the distribution package)

    Take note of all installed pipx packages, then uninstall them all.

    pipx list
    pipx uninstall-all

    Uninstall pipx with the old pip.

    python3.o -m pip uninstall pipx

    Here I also deleted the ~/.local/pipx directory to ensure a clean reinstall. pipx will recreate it, anyway.

    rm -rf ~/.local/pipx

    With pip in the new Python version, reinstall pipx.

    python3.n -m pip install pipx

    Reinstall all PyPI packages with pipx from the list pulled earlier. Example with Ansible.

    pipx install ansible
    pipx inject ansible ansible-lint

    Optionally, check if there are links from the pipx venv binaries for the installed packages to a path in $PATH (in my case, ~/.local/bin). Example with Ansible.

    for i in ~/.local/pipx/venvs/ansible/bin/ansible*; do
      ln -s $i .local/bin/${i##*/};